The Paths of the Zeta | Relentless-swgoh (2024)

Now that we have had a little more time to analyze how zeta abilities work, I've noticed something, the worst ones to deal with, are the ones supplemented by others. They should and do travel in packs. This is why I have dubbed them as "paths," because in order to make them truly effective, you need to figure out whose to pair them with. Please note that while these are very good combos, they may or may not be top 10 arena worthy combos.

Path Of Zader: This path is a top 10 team, but it is at a slight disadvantage to the Zaul Path. It gives us the ability to solo the heroic pit and do large amounts of phase 2 or 4 damage in the aat raid. The path goes as such:

Inspire Through Fear: This is the one that makes it all possible, therefore it comes first.

Bounty Hunter's Resolve: Boba Fett is Vader's right hand man, he adds DoT's with his basic, his own, slightly weaker version of culling blade, it's a recipe for a dangerous group. This upgrade makes Zoba a truly dangerous force, because he gains all of his protection back for each killing blow he gets.

Wound in the Force: I'm not entirely sure who I would take out of my current Zader Team for him, but using him in GW has definitely opened my eyes to this newest Sith. This ability gives a DoT at the beginning of each of each of Nihilus' turns. DoT's can't expire under Zader's Rule, and he is a sith with an AoE, so he can remove TM and Increase Enemy CD's all in one fell swoop.

Path of Zaul: Even more popular than Zader, Is Zaul. Darth Maul's Leader ability gains several really nice attributes. Sith start each battle in stealth, can't be crit while in stealth and gain advantage when they lose stealth. They also start each battle with 20% additional TM. They also gain 20% evasion and gain stealth and 20% TM each time they evade. They also gain stealth when they are critically hit. This is not only a top 10 zeta, it's a first place zeta.

Wound in the Force: Having Nihilus take turns off of annihilate's CD is imperative to his arena viability, so even if we can't get debuffs on everyone in the opening rounds, this will help fill in the gaps as far as debuffed enemies and help get Nihilus as many turns off that CD timer as we can. In addition, when an enemy takes a turn, they gain health down for two turns. This makes them much easier to kill.

You can go in one of two directions from here:

sad*stic Glee: Sidious Recovers 20% of his max health and gain 50% TM whenever anyone dies. In addition, he has 35% evasion against jedi, 50% potency and gains max health equal to his potency percentage. This makes him very difficult to deal with.

Bounty Hunter's Resolve: This one also works well here, in place of one of the other two, seeing as how he is not a sith, this will help him survive as your defacto tank.

Path of the Jedi: This one was big in arena for a few days, then people realized the power of Zader. This is a still a good team however, but without all three upgrades I will suggest, they might not even be a top 20 team.

Agility Training: QGJ has been the long time token leader of our Jedi, because his leader ability gave them speed, now it gives them much, much more. Agility Training now gives our Jedi more speed, plus offense in an amount equal to 3 times the amount of speed them have(that's 150 offense just from the leader ability alone). If that wasn't enough, Jedi now gain foresight at the beginning of each battle and whenever anyone dies.

We now have two options, you will need to take both to make the most of your Jedi, I will list them in the order that I will take them, but it can go either way:

Swift Recovery: Barriss' allies gain 20% health back every time they are crit. She also gains TM every time an allies gets crit and at the end of each of her turns the debuffed ally with the lowest health is cleansed of their debuffs. I feel this is slightly better for survivability over all than battle meditation, but not by much.

Battle Meditation: Yoda gains foresight and tenacity up and then gives his allies all of the buffs he has. It is important to get tenacity up on everyone as quickly as possible, just to keep everyone unencumbered. Yoda is very fast out of the gate, so it's not necessary to upgrade this first, as everyone will more than likely have foresight still up when yoda goes, but in the event that an enemy ITP clears it from them before they go, it's nice to get it right back up there.

Path of the Clones: Since Zetas came out I wanted to put them here. I love my clones. They are definitely one of my favorite teams. This team held the top spot on someones server early on, but I've yet to see it. They do however, show amazing potention in the tank raid.

Ghost Company Commander: Clone allies gain 30% crit chance, other allies gain half of that. Cody gains 60% defense for each living clone ally and other clone allies gain half of that. Clones allies recover 5% of their max protection whenever they use a basic ability. This coupled with Echo's unique, and clones gain 5% health and 5% protection each time they use a basic. That and the added defense, that's some serious survivability. Not to mention the offensive boost of the crit chance.

Tactical Awareness: Fives' counter ability gains some nice perks as well. Now, he gains 15% TM whenever a clone ally takes damage, and half of that if a none clone ally takes damage. Think about that. In a full clone group, an aoe will give him 60% TM and he counter attacks. This made Fives even more dangerous than he already was.

Path of the First Order: I've seen this one in action. It's not as good as some of the others, but if you under estimate it they will wreck you.

Fire at Will: Allies have a 20% chance to call a random ally to assist, this is tripled for first order. First order allies start each encounter with advantage and can't be critically hit while advantage is active on them. They also gain 20% potency when they have advantage. Everyone's first hit is a crit, and they can't be crit until they take those first turns. That's some serious burst damage.

Outrage: Stun the target if Kylo is at full health, if he is not, this attack deals 75% more damage. Recovers protection equal to damage dealt. This is a nice ability. Accounting for the fact that he can reset his CD's when he is attacked, you could have this up almost every turn and stun every turn, or just deal a massive amount of damage every turn. Also, think of how much protection he can gain back if he has advantage.

Path of Resistance: This team is a bit better than the first order team, and I have one on my shard, they came out swinging but they struggle to maintain top 20 now. They have potential other places as well, a resistance AAT team for example, is something that I would be interested in.

Balanced tactics: Resistance allies gain 30% offense and 60% defense, other allies get half of both. When a resistance ally loses foresight, they gain advantage for 2 turns. Whenever an enemy takes damage from expose, reduce all resistance CD's by 1 and grant them 35% TM. This is chock full of goodies. The reduced CD's and TM gain is probably my favorite, but also that we have the potential for Rey to get advantage whenever she loses foresight is really really nice too.

Focused Strikes: If Rey has no debuffs when she uses a special ability, she inflicts daze on the target. This can't be resisted. Daze prevents special TMI, Counter Attacks, and calls to assist. This is really nice because it means we don't have to put potency on Rey, and Daze is an awesome debuff as it is, right on par with shock.

Path of the Zylo: This one can be done independently of First Order, because it has a special place all on it's own, the Heroic AAT Raid. This will allow you enter the raid with Kylo Ren Solo(haha get it), and complete phase 1 over several attempts.

Path of Nihilus: I'll put the disclaimer here, I don't know how this will one will work out, but they all have potential, so maybe put them together and see what happens.

Would in the Force: We know why this is good, and I would definitely do this one first, but in order for this group to work, we are going to want to get both of Nihilus' Zeta abilities.

Lord of Hunger: Sith allies gain 60% offense and 150% health steal. Sith allies also lose all protection and gain that much back in health, sith allies are immune to healing effects that aren't health steal and can't score critical hits. I'm still on the fence about this one, but it has some potential. It completely nullifies a Zariss bonus, her allies won't heal because they aren't getting crit, she won't gain TM because they aren't getting crit. Someone mentioned using this to counter Biggs, but that would be a mistake, he also gains his TM from being attacked by empire units, if you are that worried about biggs, get yourself a Zaul group and get daze or shock up on him quickly.

I'm not entirely sure if I should be adding Sidious and sad*stic glee to this set up. On one hand, sad*stic glee gives sidious a ton of extra health, and then nihilus as leader will give more. However, we give up critical hits altogether and demoralizing blows needs to crit in order to add the two additional DoT's. It may work out well that we don't need the DoT's, but at the same time, it would be really nice to be able to culling blade on vader's first turn and get some massive damage off the bat.

The Paths of the Zeta | Relentless-swgoh (2024)


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