Lottery winner asked kids to 'double-check' $250k prize months after $50k win (2024)

Lottery winner asked kids to 'double-check' $250k prize months after $50k win (1)
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She could not believe what she was seeing

  • Isabelle Hajek, Freelance News & Blogs Reporter
  • Isabelle Hajek, Freelance News & Blogs Reporter

ONE lucky gambler is twice a winner after her most recent take home of more than quadruple her first big prize.

Sherri Fowler of Washington DC snagged a $250,000 win on a scratch-off ticket - her second big prize in four months.


Previously, she won one of two $50,000 top prizes on a Win it All scratch-off ticket bought at a liquor store.

After her first win, she told the DC Lottery that it was her brother who inspired her to play.

"I'd buy tickets for him, and he'd win. So, I decided to get some for myself--and I won, too!"Fowler said.

For her first play, she only dished out $5 for the ticket.

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Lottery winner asked kids to 'double-check' $250k prize months after $50k win (4)
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The odds of her winning the top prize on the Win it All game were 1 in 122,100, and despite being low, it seems those were her lucky odds.

The second time, she went to a Chevron just around the corner from the liquor store and purchased a Nothing But Cash scratch-off ticket.

Increasing the risk, Fowler dished out $20 for the ticket, and it paid off.

Right there in the store, she scratched off her second winning ticket, and could not believe her luck.

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"I was at the store and started screaming. I couldn't believe it," Fowler told the DC Lottery.

Again, with 1 in 122,055 odds, she had won one of two top prizes offered in the game.

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She turned to the people with her to make sure she was not seeing things.

"I had to ask my kids to double-check," said Fowler.

After her last win, she was ready, knowing exactly what she would do with the cash.

"I'm going to get a car this time," she said plainly.

I was at the store and started screaming. I couldn't believe it."

Sherri Fowler

Although still a large sum, Fowler will not be taking home the full $250,000.

At a rate of 8.5% for local tax and 24% taken out federally, she will have around $81,259 withheld from her prize.

But the approximate $168,750 take-home check will still be more than enough for the new vehicle Fowler's in the market for.


Fowler is just one more in a long line of winners who end up taking home far less than expected.

John Stanhill, 46, got lucky on the500X The Cash game, winning a $1 million prize.

"This just couldn’t have happened at a better time!” John toldFlorida Lottery.

"I'm still freaking out."

The new father was excited to have a financial cushion ahead of the beginning of his family's growth.

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Lottery winner asked kids to 'double-check' $250k prize months after $50k win (9)
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Lottery winner asked kids to 'double-check' $250k prize months after $50k win (10)
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“We won the lottery – and then we won the lottery again with our beautiful, healthy baby boy!” he said.

He ended up taking home around two-thirds of what was expected after taxes at a total of $640,000.

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Lottery winner asked kids to 'double-check' $250k prize months after $50k win (11)

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  • Unknown winner - $842.4 million Powerball, Jan. 1, 2024, from Michigan.


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Lottery winner asked kids to 'double-check' $250k prize months after $50k win (2024)


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