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06/29/24(Sat)05:38:42 No.101198823

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CS50 Harvard Course - Worth it? Anonymous 06/29/24(Sat)05:38:42 No.101198823 /g/ - CS50 Harvard Course - Worth it? - Technology (3)

Hoping this is not a recurrent question on /g/, but what do you think of the CS50 course?

I know how to build some blocks of logic already, but I'm very slow at coding manually and my knowledge stops at arrays and for loops, or a state machine. Never trained math so some further concepts are hard for me to integrate (I understand a simple equation but that's pretty much it).

I want to level up my bases to have a technical ground that will support my ideas and allow me to make better video games, with a strong and clear codebase.

Some anon recommended me the related course but I'd like to get more opinions.
I also got very disturbed at how they reward people with oreos for being voluntary, and the whole intro made me think of a weird pyramid scheme in the way it's set up, despite being both interesting and cringe at times.

tldr: Would you recommend this Harvard course?


06/29/24(Sat)05:39:46 No.101198836

Anonymous 06/29/24(Sat)05:39:46 No.101198836

Depends on what you're trying to learn. What is your goal?


06/29/24(Sat)05:44:01 No.101198868

Anonymous 06/29/24(Sat)05:44:01 No.101198868

Better than the tutorials you'll find online and at your point, it's better to have done it than to not.

I don't think you need to do it, you can definitely get by without it, technically. It all depends on your motivations, goals and how committed you are. CS50 is simply easy to recommend because completion of it is a goal and motivation.


06/29/24(Sat)05:46:05 No.101198883

Anonymous 06/29/24(Sat)05:46:05 No.101198883

From what I recall, CS50 just goes shallow into multiple different programming languages without actually providing useful information needed to develop decent sized projects in them.

Personally, I think OP should just pick a language, and go through neetcode.


06/29/24(Sat)05:50:33 No.101198917

Anonymous 06/29/24(Sat)05:50:33 No.101198917

I already made unconventional little games using RPG Maker MZ (javascript), and I'm preparing to release the biggest one I did in the next 6-12 months (a small replayable "arcade" game, suitable for PC and portable to smartphones if I need).

The engine is painful to work with using its logic blocks, so I have some stuff aside using raw javascript, and I have no idea or can't explain why what I do work fundamentally (like I don't know how to define what a class is, or how the plugins I work use the base code).

The goals are :
- transition to Godot (or Unreal) to better represent my ideas in the next projects
- learn the right principles of acquiring a new coding langage
- have a knowledge basis allowing me to understand more in what link of of the chain I'm building stuff in. Like the intro of CS50 quickly explain what a bit is, how unicode works... And this really helps me figuring from where stuff come layers up, and I think knowing these prior stuff would get me less walls and questions layers down in my building


06/29/24(Sat)05:55:02 No.101198946

Anonymous 06/29/24(Sat)05:55:02 No.101198946

> transition to Godot (or Unreal)
Instead of Godot, you might want to think about Unity. Both use C#

I personally am more favorable towards Unreal because I know C++.
Regardless, you're going to need to learn the language that your engine(s) use.
If you're wanting to start out in 2D before going to 3D engines, you can, just to get the feel of the programming language.
If you go the C++ route and want to make 2D games, or even very simple 3D games, you have a multitude of libraries to choose from; like OpenGL, Raylib, SDL, SFML, and etc.
I don't really have any recommendations for C# or Godot or Unity though.


06/29/24(Sat)05:55:58 No.101198950

Anonymous 06/29/24(Sat)05:55:58 No.101198950

I'd say so.


06/29/24(Sat)05:57:41 No.101198961

Anonymous 06/29/24(Sat)05:57:41 No.101198961

Did they cancel per download fees from developers, or you been living under a rock? Slay the Spire 2 devs moved to Godot because of it.


06/29/24(Sat)06:01:04 No.101198979

Anonymous 06/29/24(Sat)06:01:04 No.101198979

I'm not very familiar with Unity.
But from their website https://unity.com/products/pricing-updates
It seems like they're model is kinda like Visual Studio's. Where as long as you're under a specific income, then you can continue using free service.

I could be wrong.


06/29/24(Sat)06:03:09 No.101198994

Anonymous 06/29/24(Sat)06:03:09 No.101198994

>Harvard course

I bet you could learn all that much faster on dedicated youtube channels.

Harvard courses are made so nigg*rs can understand them, so I expect lots of repetition and waste of time.


06/29/24(Sat)06:03:17 No.101198997

Anonymous 06/29/24(Sat)06:03:17 No.101198997

yeah your sh*tty gaym will totally make over $1 mil per year
meanwhile slay the spire cucks will get their ass raped by the icompetent godot team that just sh*ts out half-baked new "features" only to never finish them because the rewrite is just around the corner
also, if you want to fix the sh*t yourself, good luck, the godot codebase is a steaming pile of undocumented, retarded bullsh*t that's written in the worst feature-mix of c++ you could come up with
go with unity or unreal if you want to ship a gaym


06/29/24(Sat)06:05:13 No.101199012

Anonymous 06/29/24(Sat)06:05:13 No.101199012

The whole Unity fiasco makes relunctant unfortunately, hence why godot would be the similar approach. Apparently there's official extensions to use C or C++. They say you can mix the languages too.

Unreal would not be out of the question depending on how fast I can acquire proficiency in C++. Blueprints always had my interests as I love prototyping, but even there I was lost when I tried (not only the syntaxe, but the "way" the blueprints are linked looked counter intuitive at the time).

I looked at the finals projects required to validate the course, and I have to say it was pretty depressing. But maybe I would at the exact same level, so it's more of a me issue.


06/29/24(Sat)06:06:43 No.101199023

Anonymous 06/29/24(Sat)06:06:43 No.101199023

>Apparently there's official extensions to use C or C++
Yeah those are paid features.

>Unreal would not be out of the question depending on how fast I can acquire proficiency in C++.
Best free resource for learning the basics up to the intermediate features is learncpp.com


06/29/24(Sat)06:12:05 No.101199058

Anonymous 06/29/24(Sat)06:12:05 No.101199058

nah, it's more like a reality show
do ossu instead


06/29/24(Sat)06:16:49 No.101199101

Anonymous 06/29/24(Sat)06:16:49 No.101199101

I studied Computer Science at Harvard
They taught us that computers were invented by the aboriginals of Australia during their dreamtime
They didn't have electricity, but they designed a machine with sticks and imagined it ran on ghosts
I now work at a Fortune 500 investment firm and earn $25K a week


06/29/24(Sat)06:21:22 No.101199126

Anonymous 06/29/24(Sat)06:21:22 No.101199126

Thanks for the link. Would basis in CS and going straight to C++ be a good idea? I've seen a lot of people recommending pyhton as a first language.

The money is but a plus, the ghost machine is selling it to me.


06/29/24(Sat)06:24:58 No.101199151

Anonymous 06/29/24(Sat)06:24:58 No.101199151

>Would basis in CS and going straight to C++ be a good idea?
I mean, yeah. A basis in CS is going to be beneficial for anything. But really, there's no gate you need to open to jump into C++. C++ was my first language and I picked it up pretty fast. Some people learn different languages more easily than others.

TL;DR just give it a try. You never know if you might pick it up more easily than you thought.

>I've seen a lot of people recommending pyhton as a first language.
Python is a very small and simple language. People say python is an easy first language because it automates doing various things for you. C and C++ allow you complete control over your computing. You have finer grained access over your program.


06/29/24(Sat)06:35:13 No.101199230

Anonymous 06/29/24(Sat)06:35:13 No.101199230

Go f*ck yourself unity shill.


06/29/24(Sat)06:50:55 No.101199349

Anonymous 06/29/24(Sat)06:50:55 No.101199349

Brainlet tier. 12 year olds know more programming than this.


06/29/24(Sat)07:00:53 No.101199434

Anonymous 06/29/24(Sat)07:00:53 No.101199434

Legitimate advice here
If you want to learn from some online university, and you want to learn CS, then don't f*cking choose harvard
Harvard is known for their law school
You know who the best in the world for CS and engineering is? MIT
Go with MIT or similar


06/29/24(Sat)07:02:14 No.101199443

Anonymous 06/29/24(Sat)07:02:14 No.101199443

File: 8b0e1ba0e4ded90e16630f750(...).jpg (368 KB, 901x1107)

368 KB JPG
Every time I look at college I want to barf, is there no university where I can literally just work on the project I want and get considered education for it?

I dont want to spend years doing busy work.


06/29/24(Sat)07:05:22 No.101199470

Anonymous 06/29/24(Sat)07:05:22 No.101199470

>is there no university where I can literally just work on the project I want and get considered education for it?
Yes, my friend, it's called a PhD
And you get paid to do it
Not much, but if you're proactive you can get lots of grant money
If there's something you want to dedicate minimum 3 years of your life full time to studying, this is your jam


06/29/24(Sat)07:09:05 No.101199503

Anonymous 06/29/24(Sat)07:09:05 No.101199503

File: why are you doing this.jpg (156 KB, 1920x1080)

156 KB JPG
thats only after you do 6 years of slop and payout the nose without getting paid in return. I dont care if the school charges me to be fair, but I DEMAND the ability to work on my own project from the get go during school time and not to be given busy work. I'm guessing this just doesnt f*cking exist but its the only way I can see school not be a waste of f*cking time. I want to dev, not do leet code grinding.


06/29/24(Sat)07:13:58 No.101199537

Anonymous 06/29/24(Sat)07:13:58 No.101199537

You can def do your own projects if you're a good student.
A lot of people get filtered because they think it's like highschool where you don't have to study and everything is easy.
I started programming before I went to university so I was always one of the best students, and I had plenty of time to study whatever I wanted
I probably spent 50% of my "study time" reading textbooks I wanted to read and doing projects I wanted to do

It really irks me when some liberal arts fa*ggot pretends to be busy when I know their classes are basically free credits and I have free time even though I basically study double


06/29/24(Sat)07:16:02 No.101199557

Anonymous 06/29/24(Sat)07:16:02 No.101199557

I dont want, TIME off from school to fit in hobbies retard, I want the school to be focused on allowing me to do them. Otherwise I can just work and do my deving on the side which is the same thing except I make money.


06/29/24(Sat)07:17:37 No.101199574

Anonymous 06/29/24(Sat)07:17:37 No.101199574

If you have something you want to work on, and the ability to do it, what's stopping you?
Resumes are easy to fake, a good portfolio isn't so easy


06/29/24(Sat)07:21:16 No.101199603

Anonymous 06/29/24(Sat)07:21:16 No.101199603

>wahts stopping you
lots of things, but the question isn't "whats stopping me" the question is "what would help me work faster" and getting my work to pay for college that isn't just me blowing time off to grind leet code would, but if it's just grinding leet code that's the OPPOSITE of working on my project.


06/29/24(Sat)07:22:52 No.101199622

Anonymous 06/29/24(Sat)07:22:52 No.101199622

I got recommended this exact course several years ago, never done it, but long story short some programming courses can teach you a thing or two, so you won't lose anything trying it


06/29/24(Sat)07:23:32 No.101199624

Anonymous 06/29/24(Sat)07:23:32 No.101199624

I've got an idea, but you're going to need to sell it
Lie on your resume and show a bunch of impressive work experience
An easy way to hide this is to say you did it in a foreign country, like Japan (I do this in reverse, Japanese can't speak English so they never check my past employers)
Then use that resume to apply for a PhD
If that doesn't work then do the same but with a bachelors degree f*ck the police


06/29/24(Sat)07:25:20 No.101199641

Anonymous 06/29/24(Sat)07:25:20 No.101199641

I get ya, but you don't get it, your own work's quality will improve if you learn this and that programming concepts, you're asking for a very special school, it should exist though, but imagine the amount of time and attention your teacher would need to spend on you to properly guide you


06/29/24(Sat)07:28:33 No.101199675

Anonymous 06/29/24(Sat)07:28:33 No.101199675

There *is* a historical precident for academics taking on apprentices.
However, you might not like it.
It involves living with them.
Serving them wine and food and listening to them philosophies.
Attending his speeches and taking notes.
Cleaning is chamber pot.
And, of course, dressing as a woman and letting him use your asshole whenever he wanted until you have matured to adulthood (in which case you do it to others)


06/29/24(Sat)07:32:55 No.101199715

Anonymous 06/29/24(Sat)07:32:55 No.101199715

wow so you basically want to be his slu*t maid, f*cking hell I'm out of this f*cking thread at once


06/29/24(Sat)07:34:46 No.101199738

Anonymous 06/29/24(Sat)07:34:46 No.101199738

The ancient greeks invented the west, retard
We need to return to the old ways


06/29/24(Sat)07:57:48 No.101199965

Anonymous 06/29/24(Sat)07:57:48 No.101199965

>basically use all your time to be a slu*t for someone, either sexually or metaphorically
I dont see why anyone would need to spend more time on me, I just want to get graded for the work based off of my projects progress. 4 years of that should be more valuable than any bachelors.


06/29/24(Sat)08:06:28 No.101200046

Anonymous 06/29/24(Sat)08:06:28 No.101200046

File: scale_1200.jpg (144 KB, 1200x675)

144 KB JPG
unreal if anything, unity also suffers from the "let's sh*t out a bunch of half-baked stuff and never fix it", though to a much lesser degree and the unity source code is workable, unlike godot sh*t
pic related, your "production ready" toy of an engine, delusional godotard


06/29/24(Sat)08:57:31 No.101200551

Anonymous 06/29/24(Sat)08:57:31 No.101200551

OP here, thanks for all the good advices, I'm out.
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