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No impact on credit score and no late fees. Available for purchases of $30 to $1,500.


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  • Cool White
  • Pure White
  • Warm White
  • Blue
  • Blue + White
  • Green
  • Green + White
  • Yellow
  • Yellow + White
  • Purple
  • Purple + White
  • Light Purple
  • Orange
  • Orange + White
  • Lemon Yellow
  • Lemon Yellow + White
  • Hot Pink
  • Hot Pink + White
  • Girl Pink
  • Deep Pink
  • Ice Blue
  • Ice Blue + White
  • Red
  • Red + White
  • Turquoise
  • Tropical Green

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Product Description

Product Details

Shipping & Delivery

What You Get

Product Installation Guide

Light up any area with the good vibes neon sign from NeonChamp. It has bright LED neon acrylic artwork that gives off a warm glow. This artwork neon sign fits well in any place, from cozy spots to more formal settings. It's sturdy and simple to set up, lasting a long time with little care needed. Make any space more lively with this eye-catching sign. This vibrant neon wall art also makes a great gift for young adults, home decor enthusiasts, and anyone looking to brighten their work or living space. Get your good vibes neon sign today and change up your surroundings!

Best Places to Install Good Vibes Acrylic Neon Sign
  • Living Room
    Add a welcoming glow with the good vibes acrylic neon sign, perfect for social spaces.
  • Home Office
    Enhance your work environment with this LED neon acrylic artwork for a boost of energy and style.
  • Yoga Studio
    Set the right ambiance for relaxation and positivity with the artwork neon sign.
  • Coffee Shop
    Create a cozy and inviting atmosphere with this standout neon wall art.
  • Teen Bedroom
    The good vibes neon sign brings a fun and modern touch, ideal for young personal spaces.
  • Trendy Design
    The good vibes neon sign features a chic and vibrant design, perfect for modern spaces.
  • Radiant LED Lighting
    Illuminate any area with brilliant LED neon acrylic artwork, casting a lively glow.
  • Cost-Effective Durability
    Our custom neon sign light is built to last with high-quality materials, ensuring long-term use without breaking the bank.
  • Simple Installation Process
    The good vibes neon sign comes ready to hang with an easy-to-follow setup guide.
  • Ideal for Gathering Spaces
    The good vibes neon sign is great addition to party rooms or communal areas where positive vibes are a must.

When you buy LED Good Vibes Acrylic Neon Sign Lights from NeonChamp, you can expect your order to arrive promptly anywhere in the USA. Whether you choose the rush or standard shipping option, we do our best to get your Neon Signs to you as soon as possible!

To safeguard your delivery, we offer a non-confusing clear refund policy. In addition, you can reach out to us for a full refund if the neon lights are faulty or damaged during transit.

Shipping Details

Unboxing Your Neon Sign Kit

We know you are excited to receive your custom Good Vibes Acrylic Neon Sign, which we pack with loads of love. But what’s inside should not be a mystery to you, that is why we uncover all the details.

All the Neon signs that we send are well-equipped with clear acrylic boards having pre-drilled holes and SS mounting screws which makes hanging easy. Also, the neon signs are clubbed with a power cord which you can attach to power adapter. Also, you get an option to adjust the brightness of your custom-made neon sign via a remote controller.

Buy Good Vibes Acrylic Neon SignOnline | NeonChamp (8)

Glow Your Neon Sign in Style with NeonChamp


First begin by plugging in the power adapter

Insert the power adapter safely to ensure that the neon light get started as you want


Next, connect the power adapter output to RF Controller

Now that the power adapter is safely inserted it's time to connect the power adapter to RF controller


Now connect RF Controller output to the Neon Connector

Next, connect the RF controller to the neon connector which is a very simple process and won't take much time


Adjust Brightness with remote controller and done.

Set the brightness using a remote controller according to your décor or mood and get it started.

Why NeonChamp

  • Energy & Cost Efficient

  • Free Delivery

  • 3 Years Warranty

  • Save & Secure Checkout

Infuse Positivity with Our 'Good Vibes Neon Sign'

Let Your Space Shine—Order Your LED Neon Acrylic Artwork Today!

Create Neon Signs Now

Buy Good Vibes Acrylic Neon SignOnline | NeonChamp (2024)


How to make LED acrylic neon signs? ›

Make an LED Acrylic Sign
  1. Step 1: Design a Logo and Carve It Into the Acrylic. ...
  2. Step 2: Buy an LED Light Strip Kit. ...
  3. Step 3: Make a Base for the LED Light Strip. ...
  4. Step 4: Add a Frame to the Base to Hold the Sign. ...
  5. Step 5: Add the LED Light Strip. ...
  6. Step 6: Plug in the Remote Receiver and the Power Adapter.

What is acrylic neon? ›

What are Acrylic Neon Signs? Traditional neon signs are designed from soft lead glass, pure-iron electrodes. In order to create a lightweight, shatter-resistant alternative, acrylic LED signs are designed from a thermoplastic acrylic known as Altaglus or Perspex.

Does pure neon glow? ›

Later iterations of the tubes run the current through only one end but the result is the same – a bright orange/red light. While most people associate a host of colors with neon lighting, in actuality, pure neon discharges only an orange-red light.

How do you make neon work? ›

Apply an alternating current to the electrodes and the electricity creates enough energy for the neon atoms inside the tube to separate. Some shed electrons to become positively charged ions, which fly towards the negative electrode.

What is the best acrylic for neon signs? ›

We usually use 10mm thick acrylic to ensure the panel is robust. Acrylic panel backings are popular for leaving the neon tubes exposed, but still having the ability to hang the sign or fix it to a wall, and simply plug into a mains socket.

Why are LED neon signs so expensive? ›

Key Takeaways. Neon signs are expensive because it takes specialist tools, artisan craftspeople, and costly materials to produce them. The transport, repairing, and ongoing running costs of neon signs can also be expensive.

Will neon acrylic paint glow in blacklight? ›

Any paint that contains fluorescent pigments will glow under black light. This includes neon acrylic paint, fluorescent spray paint, and some types of oil-based paints. It's important to check the label of the paint you're using to ensure it contains fluorescent pigments.

Do neon signs use a lot of electricity? ›

Neon signs are a relatively energy-efficient option if you're looking for a high-impact and stylish light fixture and they are safe to use in homes and businesses. The typical neon light's power consumption is 400 watts, compared to LED lights at 150 watts and fluorescent lights at 610 watts.

How do LED neon signs work? ›

With LED neon, the reaction comes when electrons pass through a semiconductor, which is typically a material known as aluminium-gallium-arsenide. The LEDs must be positioned close to each other so they produce a steady source of light. This is similar to the effect of neon gas glowing inside a glass tube.

Is LED neon Real neon? ›

What are LED neon signs made of? LED neon (faux-neon) signs such as NeonPlus® use neither glass nor neon gas. Instead, they are made from acrylic—a thermoplastic better known as Altuglas or Perspex—which is lightweight, shatter-resistant and effective at transmitting light.

Is neon worth the money? ›

Is NEON worth the money? In a nutshell: YES! Thanks to its deals with big overseas TV companies, there is always a stream of high-quality TV shows and miniseries you'll want to watch or binge. While Netflix might have more choice, NEON has more quality.

How long does neon last? ›

– one of the most common questions we receive from our customers. Generally, neon light signs can easily last about eight to fifteen years when taken appropriate care of. However, the longevity of neon signs depends on several factors, such as usage, quality of the materials, external damages, and more.

What are neon signs used for? ›

Neon tubes can be fabricated in curving artistic shapes, to form letters or pictures. They are mainly used to make dramatic, multicolored glowing signage for advertising, called neon signs, which were popular from the 1920s to 1960s and again in the 1980s.

What are LED neon signs made of? ›

What are LED neon signs made of? LED neon (faux-neon) signs such as NeonPlus® use neither glass nor neon gas. Instead, they are made from acrylic—a thermoplastic better known as Altuglas or Perspex—which is lightweight, shatter-resistant and effective at transmitting light.

What equipment do I need to make neon signs? ›

What You'll Need:
  1. LED neon flex lights in your desired color.
  2. Zip ties.
  3. Shaping wire.
  4. Plastic wire clips.
  5. Hot glue gun.
  6. Power source.
  7. Backing material (clear acrylic, wood, etc.)

Can you convert neon to LED? ›

Convert your neon sign lighting to LED

Ease of installation, little or no maintenance and maximum system energy efficiency generate ROI results that work. Neon-to-LED Rapid Retrofit by Ventex will lower your energy bills, reduce your maintenance costs and enhance your image.


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